The name Tourmaline originates from the Sinhalese word “turmali” which literally means “something out of the earth”. Tourmaline is found in areas around the world such as Brazil, Africa, and Russia. It was first discovered in the state of Maine in 1820, on Mount Mica, in Paris. In 1972 there was a major new discovery of over 3 1/2 million carats of gem quality Tourmaline on nearby Plumbago Mountain, in Newry. This represents the single most significant and highest grade Tourmaline found anywhere in the world. It was at this time that Tourmaline was denoted the “Maine State Gemstone”.

Pink Tourmaline
is the birthstone
for October
with Opal)

Tourmaline is
the traditional
gift for the 8th

Green and pink
are the most
colors of

Tourmaline is unique because of the fact that it is found in every color of the rainbow. In addition, there are varieties that are black, clear, or even bi-color or tri-color, with two or three distinctly different colors found within the same stone. There is no other gemstone that offers a wider variety of colors. For many years, the green and red varieties of Tourmaline were classified as Emerald and Ruby, but early in the 18th century they were recognized as their own distinct gemstone with unique properties and structure. Pink Tourmaline is said to promote female balance while green Tourmaline promotes male balance. All varieties of Tourmaline offer protection against dangers.

Technical Data

Colors Found
Brazil, Maine, California, Afghanistan, Africa
Refractive Index
Chemical Make Up
Crystalline Boron Silicate Mineral