Dear Friends, After much thought and careful consideration, as well as out of the care and concern for our staff and clients, we will be closing the store on Sunday, March 22 th
Diamonds Loose
An SI1, is an SI1, is an SI1.... not true. We have all seen the amazing pillows people have purchased online only to receive them and realize they are made for a dollhouse. We don'
vintage diamond ring
Red lights and hearts have adorned most of the shops spreading an air of love and happiness across our quaint town!  Most of the shops and restaurants are offering specials for the
Wishing a very Happy New Year to everyone and we look forward to seeing you all in the new year and new decade!  We will be closed for our annual winter break from January 1st thro
Gift Guide
Holidays are upon us and the little elves of Coastal a scurrying around preparing for Prelude and the Holidays. Thanksgiving will be here in no time and as we reflect on the past y
fall leaves
Squirrels are busy scurrying to collect rapidly falling acorns- their food for the coming winter months! The leaves on the trees are beginning to showcase brilliant reds, oranges a
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