Paint the Town Red Sale

February means it’s “Paint the Town Red” in Kennebunkport!  Most of the shops and restaurants are adorned with red lights and hearts and other festive decorations as our quaint little seaside town sets the mood for Valentine’s Day and an entire month of love and romance!  To celebrate, Coastal Jewelers is offering 35% off a large selection of diamond and colored stone jewelry.  Stop in and see this fabulous collection of amazing deals or if you aren’t in the area, give us a call at 207-967-0100 and we’d be happy to give you details. Here is just a sampling of  some of the phenomenal deals below.

Yellow and White Diamond Ring in 18K

Original Price $6,250.00

Sale Price $4,062.50

Sapphire and Diamond Ring in 14KW

Original Price $7,950.00

Sale Price $5,167.50


Diamond Ring set in Platinum

Original Price $8,350.00

Sale Price $5,427.50

Green Tourmaline and Diamond Ring set in 18KW

Original Price $10,950.00

Sale Price $7,117.50

Green Tourmaline Ring

Yellow and White Diamond Pendant in 14K

Original Price $1,750.00

Sale Price $1,137.50

Diamond Halo Pendant 14KW

Original Price $3,450.00

Sale Price $2,242.50

Tanzanite and Diamond Pendant 18KW

Original Price $6,950.00

Sale Price $4,517.50

Tanzanite Necklace

Holidays Made Easy and Bright from Coastal Jewelers!

Here at Coastal Jewelers we have been busily gearing up for our Annual Prelude Celebration occurring the first two weekends of December. Friday afternoon begins with crowds of people gathering for the lighting of the Christmas Tree stationed in Dock Square. Local school children sing carols and encourage the crowd to join in; while the actual tree lighting is at 5:30pm. Counting down to one, the people eagerly await the magical aliveness of the beautiful white lights reflecting the painted buoys adorning the tree. Enthusiasm and joy abound as local shop keepers welcome the throngs of holiday shoppers. Kennebunkport looks like a scene directly from one of Norman Rockwell paintings – real live greenery generously sprinkled with twinkling white lights and red velvet bows.

Come in and visit us during Prelude. We have gorgeous jewelry and something to suit any budget. We also serve warm apple cider!

While perusing our beautiful jewelry, you will be greeted and offered assistance by our well informed and trained staff whose pleasure it is to offer gift suggestions, as well as assistance in providing information to be passed on to Santa for a Christmas morning surprise. Our intention is to provide an easy, fun filled shopping experience!

We are also offering our 3rd Annual Gift Guide featured on our Facebook and Instagram pages, so check it out and a phone call and credit card is all it takes to put a smile on the faces of your loved ones this Christmas. Just so you know, Coastal Jewelers does excellent custom work; from helping you design your own piece of exquisite jewelry to custom design. A pure delight! Another perfect gift suggestion is to purchase a gorgeous loose stone with a gift card to mount the stone in a setting of her choice.

Like I said before, we at Coastal Jewelers are looking to make your Holiday shopping easy and stress free! Happy Holidays and we hope to see you soon!

2018 Holiday Gift Guide

We are very excited to announce the launch of our 3rd Annual Holiday Gift Guide. Be sure to follow us on Instagram and Facebook for the daily gift suggestion. We will have something for everyone on your list. Also be sure to send your favorites to Santa to make his job so much easier 😉




Online Gem Event

Hello from Coastal Jewelers!

We are excited to announce our first exclusive Gem Event occurring November 1st through the 4th. We are offering some stunningly beautiful loose gem stones at up to 50% off retail price. We invite you to attend this event via Facebook and Instagram. Like and follow us to view the event group. Let your creativity flow and we look forward to helping you design your own unique piece of jewelry.

Get comfortable with a hot cup of coffee or your favorite libation and peruse this gorgeous collection of one-of-a-kind loose gems and gem sets. You don’t want to miss this  amazing opportunity to purchase beautiful gemstones at discounted prices! For those of you who are not on social media, send us an email and we would be happy to send you pictures and prices from which you can choose. We will be available for questions, comments and purchases throughout the event. Happy Shopping!


Susan, Abbie and Bonnie

Coastal Jewelers

28 Dock Square Kennebunkport


What is tourmaline? How does Tourmaline Heal the Body?

What is Tourmaline?

Tourmaline is a gemstone that belongs to a complex family of borosilicate mixed with iron, magnesium or other various metals that depending upon the proportions of its components may form as red, pink, yellow, brown, black, green, blue or violet.

The name Tourmaline comes from an ancient Sinhalese word “turmali” meaning “a mixed color precious stone” or “something small from the earth.”

               How does Tourmaline Heal the Body?

Far infrared rays are invisible rays of energy. They are able to penetrate all layers of the human body, and reach the inner most regions of tissues, muscles and bone- down to the cellular level. Through this, for infrared rays and negative ions are also incredibly important in determining and regulating mood. Research has shown that mood disorders may be improved first as well through negative ion generations as antidepressants- but without the negative side effects. Why? Because these ions promote oxygenation to the brain and regeneration of the blood Tourmaline emits for infrared radiation in the 4-14 micron wavelength- which boosts the immune system and detoxifies the body. Tourmaline is a powerful ally to your body’s health and well-being.

Pink Tourmaline Ring

Healing Properties of Pink Tourmaline

  • A primary stone of the heart
  • Grounds and assists connection to the earth
  • Encourages compassion and gentleness during periods of change and transformation
  • Enhances enlightenment
  • Helps calm and soothe the heart: assists with regulating irregular heartbeats and angina
  • Especially helpful and beneficial in treating all gynecological issues
  • Helps reduce stress, worries depression and anxiety
  • Encourages self-love
  • Helps with sleep issues
  • Calms nervous system and migraines
  • Balances endocrine system
  • Balances left and right hemisphere of brain
  • Helpful in highly sensitive children and hyperactivity

Healing Powers of Green Tourmaline (Known as Verdelite)

  • Strengthens stamina
  • Energizes
  • Best healing stone for the physical heart
  • Creates a powerful flow of energy to all parts of the body
  • Yang (masculine) energy
  • Encourages courage- diminishes fear
  • Stimulates a strong resonance with divine love
  • Provides a beneficial influence to all growing, living things
  • Powerful meditation tool
  • Inspires creativity and manifestation
  • Relieves chronic fatigue and exhaustion
  • Stimulates cellular functioning and regeneration
  • Bring beneficial healing to eyes, thyroid glands and the immune system
  • Encourages feelings of heartfelt gratitude
  • Helps reduce claustrophobia and panic attacks

Healing Powers of Blue Tourmaline (Known as Indicolite)

  • Stone of peace (inner and outer)
  • Provides a deeper meditation state
  • Enhances clear honest communication
  • Heals trust and control issues
  • Gives courage to speak from the heart and one’s own truth
  • Encourages an open mind and gives tolerance for differences
  • Embraces a love for truth, ethics and authenticity
  • Strengthens sense of responsibility
  • Treats conditions of the lungs, throat and larynx
  • Initiates healing for sadness and grief
  • Relieves nightmares
  • Brings balance to kidneys and bladder
  • Opens mind to new ideas
  • Gives clear perceptions and vision

Healing Powers of Watermelon Tourmaline

  • Counters anger and resentment
  • Balances masculine and feminine energy: Yin and Yang
  • Harbinger of Joy
  • Relieves stressful thoughts
  • Helps to maintain a calm balanced mind
  • Cleanses and repairs emotions issues heal in the heart center
  • Aids in connection to inner self
  • Clears insecurities and intense emotions
  • Helps in protection
  • Repels negative energies
  • Enhances connection to earth energy good for grounding and becoming present
  • Relieves feelings of disconnection from other and the world around you
  • Gives one a broader perspective to realize the larger meaning behind life’s events

Summer is Almost Upon Us

We are thrilled to be enjoying the sunshine, blooming flowers, late sunsets and more traffic. Our latest blog below features the intriguing and lengthy history of Maine famous tourmaline mine; Mount Mica as well as “What’s Going On” in our neck of the wood!

The History of Mount Mica
The Mt. Mica mine, which has just re-opened to the public, is located about 6km. northeast of the small town in Oxford Country by the name of South Paris. The mine is situated on a small hill, at an elevation of 970 feet in forested terrain. Mt. Mica was the first source of Tourmaline in the United States and would become the first gem mine in America as well.
In 1868 Elyjah Hamlin and his son Augustus began a serious mining venture at Mt. Mica. During their mining endeavor, many beautiful gem quality tourmaline were found. Tiffany & Co. of New York was a frequent customer for the Maine Tourmaline and sold them through their Manhattan Store. J.P. Morgan was also a frequent customer and purchased numerous crystals and made several donations to various museums such as The American Museum of Natural History. A selection of some of the finest of these Maine Tourmalines found their way into the Hamlin Necklace.
In 1890 Mt. Mica was leased by Loren Merrill and the next 23 years saw many fabulous Maine Tourmaline discoveries. One such fabulous crystal was faceted into 69.25ct blue green tourmaline and sold to Tiffany & Co. for $100,000.
In 1926 Mt. Mica was sold to Howard Irish of Buckfield, Maine. He didn’t enjoy the success that Merrill before him had but he did find several thousand carats of gorgeous green tourmaline.
In 1965 Frank Perham leased Mt. Mica. Because he had more knowledge and experience Perham had considerably more luck finding significant Maine Tourmaline. A stunning 59.59ct heart shape gem came from his finds. It was of the Indicolite variety which is blue green in color.
Plumbago Mining Corp. of Rumford, Maine purchased Mt. Mica in 1973 and commenced mining shortly thereafter. They discovered a new pocket of Maine Tourmaline only the size of a grapefruit but yielding a mammoth crystal which would be cut into a flawless emerald cut gemstone weighing 256 carats, which was a national record for the size of Tourmaline.
In August 2003 Coromoto Minerals LLC purchased Mt. Mica and began mining; removing some of the western most portion of the mine. This opened several new pockets of beautiful quartz and apatite crystals. Only in 2004 was Maine Tourmaline found in many different pockets of the mine. Diverse colors were found some never discovered before such as electric pink and bright bluish green.
In 2005, Coromoto began mining in a new direction and in only a few dozen yards found the largest Maine Tourmaline pocket ever encountered at Mt. Mica.

What’s Going On

Can you believe it!
Conner MacDonald the eldest son of Susan and Brian MacDonald just graduated from Cheverus High School. In the fall he will be entering his freshman year at Franklin Pierce College in New Hampshire. The staff at Coastal Jewelers sends him Congratulations and best wishes.

A sad day in Kennebunkport
There is a palpable void in Kennebunkport with the loss of our dear First Lady Barbara Bush. She was a lovely women and frequent customer here at Coastal Jewelers. We had the pleasure of helping her cherished husband pick out a strand of her famous pearls; and were honored to work with her from then on. President Bush Sr. came home to Kennebunkport at the end of May and was sadly missed at the annual Memorial Day Parade as he has been recently hospitalized. We wish him a speedy recovery!

Social Media News
Did you know we are on many social media platforms: Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. Be sure to check them all out and follow us to see our latest acquisitions, custom designs and featured brands.

Spring is Here?!?

The calendar says Spring is here…. but the weather needs to agree with the date, right?!  Have no fear however, we are warm and cozy inside at Coastal Jewelers and Springtime means that we are now open 10am – 5pm,  7 days a week!  We have brought in fresh new designs from the Atlanta Jewelry show which includes a big expansion of our Estate Jewelry collection!  We are gearing up for what is to be another fun season in Kennebunkport and can’t wait to see our returning customers, as well as new friends to the area.  Kennebunkport has so much to offer.  Beautiful beaches, great restaurants, excellent shopping and the friendliest people around.  Stop in and say hi, we’ll clean your jewelry and check it while you browse, as always at no charge!



Jewelry Tips

How to Store Fine Jewelry

  1. Avoid extreme temperatures and humidity: store out of direct sunlight and choose a location with low humidity.
  2. Choose a jewelry box with a soft lining.
  3. Clean your jewelry before storing.
  4. Hang your necklaces on hooks to avoid tangling.
  5. Store your diamonds and gemstones alone to prevent scratching.
  6. Store silver jewelry in cotton or felt compartments or in plastic baggies to prevent tarnishing.
  7. Store your fine jewelry in a safe location, but don’t forget where you put it.

HAPPY 2018!

Happy New Year from all of us here at Coastal Jewelers!  The end of a each year gives us a chance to sit and reflect on all of our exciting changes and to look forward to a fresh new start as the calendar changes to another year!

In 2017 we introduced several new product lines that were a big hit with our customers, these included Alamea, a beautiful nautical line made in Hawaii, Les Geogettes & LaPassion, both bracelet lines made in Paris,and LOLA, a very thoughtful charm line designed in New England.  We look forward to adding to all of these lines this year and in addition to this, we are VERY excited to announce we will be EXPANDING our ESTATE COLLECTION!  YES!!

Our biggest announcement to date however, is the launch of our newly renovated, up to date, super cool website!  We have teamed up with Anchour Design out of Lewiston, Maine and given our logo a whole new fresh look, are working with them on our web design and refresh and Abbie has been working hard at taking pictures and getting loads of beautiful jewelry on to the site!  We will continue to tweak and design and look forward to having the site perfected very soon!

Thank you to all of our fabulous customers who keep us doing what we love every day!  We pride ourselves on providing the best customer service and are so very thankful for YOU!

We are closed for a short winter break until January 11th but the email is monitored daily so we are never far away if you need us!  Then starting January 12th we will be open Friday through Monday’s 10am – 5pm or by chance or appointment.

We look forward to seeing you!

Brian, Susan, Abbie & Bonnie